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We have a diverse range of adhesives available for use in many industries including Sign manufacture, Aerospace and Industry. This range includes: Aerosols, Contact Glue, Sprays, Sealants, Cyanoacrylates, Water based, Spirit Based, Hot Melt, and Structural Epoxy two part adhesives.

Spray Adhesives

Our spray adhesives allow users to cover large surface areas quickly and efficiently without compromising bond strength. Surfaces can include: signage, model building, flooring, construction and other industrial uses.

Water Based Adhesives

Our water based adhesives bring performances equivalent to solvent based adhesives with reduced toxicological, fire and environmental hazards. The lighter spray coating prevents wetting through porous materials and they will not wrinkle lightweight materials.

Spirit Based Adhesives

Our fast-drying adhesives have a good resistance to plasticiser migration and produce high strength air-dried bonds that resist weathering, water, oil and most solvents. Solvent (Spirit) based adhesives provide an aggressive wet bond to many surfaces.

Structural Adhesives

As 3M™ Premier distributors, we hold a vast Inventory of structural adhesive products which provide long-term reliability for heavy-duty applications. Providing a rigid, flexible or toughened formulation, these adhesives can be used in a range of industries.

Polyurethane Reactive Adhesives

Polyurethane reactive adhesives (PUR adhesives) are one-part formulations that combine the initial speed of a hot melt adhesive with the strength of a structural adhesive.


Our range of sealants include gun-able adhesives that seal and glue as well as pre-formed sealant strips. These include high-performance multi-component and one-part urethane, hybrid urethane and silicone sealants, and application-specific materials to solve domestic and construction site needs.

Hot Melt Adhesives

Our Hot Melt Adhesives are general purpose glues that can be used on a variety of surfaces. The adhesive utilises a 'hot glue gun' to apply the adhesive to various surfaces from cardboard boxes to potting applications in the electronic Industry.

Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

Our Cyanoacrylate adhesives are single component, high specification products that are quick and easy to use. These adhesives are often used in medical, industrial and domestic scenarios.

Anaerobic Adhesives

Our Anaerobic Adhesives are used for Threadlockers, Pipe Sealant and Gasket Making where secure fits are important. These adhesives cure in the absence of oxygen.

Activators - Primers & Cleaners

Our adhesion promoters and primers are used for a better bond on hard-to-bond surfaces such as glass, powder coated metal and low surface energy (LSE) plastics. Primer 94 is used with VHBs and other tapes to ensure a good adhesion.

TensorGrip Adhesives

Our TensorGrip adhesives systems eliminate the need to use traditional methods of bonding. Designed as a Spray Adhesive, they allow users to be in control of the amount of glue used to ensure faster, safer and easier application.