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Polyurethane Reactive Adhesives

Polyurethane Reactive Adhesives are moisture-curing urethane adhesives that put a powerful production capability in your assembly operation.

This single system combines production benefits typical of hot melt adhesives and bond performance usually associated with two-part structural adhesives.

Simple - easy dispensing - no additional metering, mixing or curing equipment which simplifies production and can save costs.

Flexible work time - choose between a 2 or 10 minute open time allowing for quick positioning or repositioning of multiple or complex parts.

Speed - initial set time in as little as 15 seconds - eliminates the need for clamping, pinning or jigs to maximise speed assembly.

Versatile - bonds variety of substrates such as wood, plastics, rubber and placticised vinyls.

Results - thin, flexible and tough bond lines help improve the fit, appearance and durability of the bonded product

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