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Helicopter Protection Tape

Abrasion Resistance Polyurethane is also known as Helicopter Tape (or Heli Tape). While it is used to protect helicopter blades, 3M™ Helicopter Tape is a fast and exact way to provide protection from grit, stones and scratches.

3M™ 8671 HS is designed for protection of Helicopters, Planes, Cars, Bikes and many other surfaces. Heli tape is commonly used for aircraft and industrial applications. Due to it having no cure time on installation, heli tape allows for reduced aircraft on ground time.

Benefits Of Helicopter Protection Tape

Helicopter Protection Tape protects against Scratches, Stone Chips and Erosion and is hard-wearing and easy to apply. You may find that the tape when you receive it is slightly creased (as it is wound from a master roll) however these will disappear if left at room temperature for a short while.

As a protection tape, heli tape is specifically built to stop scratches, nicks, or abrasions to the surface it is applied to. Heli tapes offer little to no discolouration after prolonged environmental exposure, and the high shear strength offers better performance at high temperatures. Some Heli tapes offer exceptional UV resistance, ensuring the tape offers high performances for longer, without declining efficiency.

Self Adhesive Supplies offer a wide range of helicopter tapes to suit any application. As a 3M Premier Supplier, we only offer the best quality products to our customers. We understand that not all projects benefit from the same product. To combat this, all Self Adhesive Supplies products can be ordered to bespoke measurements and lengths.

For more information on you can benefit from Helicopter Tape, why not contact a member of our expert team on 0118 957 5111.

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