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Magnetic Tape

Self Adhesive Supplies offer a range of Magnetic tape. This tape has a range of industrial uses across signage, machinery and electronics. Household uses include arts and crafts, seasonal decorations and labelling.

Magnetic Tape is used to easily stick non-magnetic objects (plastics, wood, aluminium etc.) to metal surfaces. The tape can conform to irregular shapes, around corners, and ensures a stress free application.

All our magnetic tapes come in a range of lengths and widths, and offer unbeatable adhesive properties. This means you get a perfect alignment, without screws or nails.

We have two types of adhesives on offer, standard and premium adhesive. Standard adhesive is a low cost solution for most applications, and premium adhesives offer the extra strength needed for industrial use.

We offer a both polarity A and B tapes in both standard and premium options.

Benefits of Magnetic Tape

  • Ability to conform to irregular surfaces
  • Can bond nearly any material to a metal surface
  • High strength bonding (Premium option)
  • Can adhere to self adhesive magnetic strips together
  • Range of widths and lengths

We understand that different bespoke adhesives are sometimes necessary to get the job done. Self Adhesive Solutions can be made bespoke for you. Let a member of our expert staff know what product you need made to order by phoning us on 0118 9575111.

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