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As a Premier 3M™ Supplier, we are delighted to offer an extensive range of adhesive tapes from the industries top brands. These range from single and double sided tapes, as well as specialty adhesive tapes, tape dispensers and accessories. Many of our tapes can be custom slit to your desired width offering excellent aesthetics whilst limiting waste material.

Double Sided Tapes

Our high performance, double sided tapes offer high efficiency in a range of industries, ensuring a quick solution to many applications. These tapes offer a range of benefits including the bonding of dissimilar materials. Tapes can also offer UV, solvent and corrosion resistance.

Single Sided Tapes

We have an extensive range of single sided tapes to assist with a range of projects and applications. From Foam, Electrical, Foil and Masking tapes to Vinyl, Cloth and Protection Tapes, complete your projects with ease with our range of high-performing tapes.

Speciality Tapes

Our speciality tapes are designed for applications with particular requirements. Featuring products such as the Ultra High Molecular Weight Tape, Powder Coating Masking tapes, Mastic Tapes, Vibration Damping Tapes, Block out Tapes, Extreme Sealing Tape and many more.

Tape Guns/Dispensers

Our range of tape dispensers, tape guns and accessories will speed up your application process by applying tape direct to surface and eliminating the need to remove release liners. Packaging tape applicators will speed up the process of sealing of boxes and parcels.

Short Length Rolls

Our range of 3M™ VHBs and Dual Locks, all in shorter length rolls. These limit cost and waste, especially if you only require a small amount either to complete your job or for testing purposes.