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Single Sided Tapes

Single Sided Tapes
We have an extensive range of single sided tapes to assist with a range of projects and applications. From Foam, Electrical, Foil and Masking tapes to Vinyl, Cloth and Protection Tapes, complete your projects with ease with our range of high-performing tapes.

Single Sided Foam Tapes

Our single sided foam tapes provide solutions to almost every industry for applications such as water, air, dust and draught sealing, gap-filling, cushioning and protecting. We also offer many different widths, giving you the option to order tapes in bespoke widths.

Electrical Tapes

We offer a range of Electrical Insulation Tapes, ranging from general purpose insulation tape, to advanced glass cloth and colour coding tapes. Premium grade insulation tapes such as Scotch® 33 is available in a wide range of fade resistant colours.

Foil Tapes

We offer a wide range of foil tapes in a choice of foil type and adhesive. Our foil tapes are resistant to flame, moisture, weather, UV degradation and most chemicals, so are suitable for a number of different applications.

Masking Tapes

We stock a large range of masking tape products from 3M™ and other manufactures. These tapes have varying technical properties ranging from basic general purpose to high temperature Powder Coating resistance.

Vinyl Tapes

Our vinyl tapes from 3M™ Advance and Tesa are suitable for sealing and protecting, as well as lane marking with excellent abrasive resistance and colour coding areas.

Cloth Tapes

Our cloth tapes, also known as tapes, feature high durability and conformability. Specially designed for sealing and joining, we stock high-quality brands from Advance, 3M™ and Tesa®.

Protection Tapes

Our range of protection tapes include temporary surface protection tapes and polyurethane protection tapes (Heli Tapes) which are available in a ride range widths and are adaptable in numerous applications.

Helicopter Tapes

Abrasion Resistance Polyurethane is also known as Helicopter Tape (or Heli Tape). While it is used to protect helicopter blades, 3M Helicopter Tape is a fast and exact way to provide protection from grit, stones and scratches.